You are one in a million.


What is ' Extraordinary' ?

What makes you different? Your dreams and aspirations.

Why be stressed about doing something that you don’t like, that too when you know you could be doing something you are passionate about? It’s about breaking the stereotype. It’s never too late to begin. I think we get chained to conventional wisdom and the popular belief of the society so easily to an extent that we think that’s what we’re supposed to do.

Keep your dreams alive and work hard on them, no matter how wild they are. You have it in you. Envision it and make it happen, as long as it’s for the right purpose you know. How can someone who doesn’t know you well, tell what you could do or not? You know yourself best. You have one life and you have the right to make most of it. Don’t be afraid to be different.

It’s about stepping out, exploring, trying new things, meeting new people in new places, discovering things that you have never heard of before and doing what you enjoy. Today, you’re doing this. It’s in your power to choose what you wish to do tomorrow. Other’s opinions hardly matter so don’t let anyone stop you. Failure is a part of the process and circumstances might not always be in your favour. But maybe you can keep trying hard to change the game?

You can be who you wanna be, you know you are extraordinary!

“Extraordinary” is a lesson life has taught me so far, and it’s about asking you to be different from the ordinary. I feel this resonates with most of us in some way.

This song is our story. It’s a true story of you, me, and others so many!

🚨 My first single “Extraordinary” 🚨

Releases on June 21, 2019. Across 150+ streaming services worldwide.